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Weight Management

Weight Management

Weight management program offered by Curewell Medical Centre is a multidisciplinary, medically supervised weight loss program for achieving healthy weight in overweight and obese patients.

The philosophy

Our treatment philosophy is based on the knowledge that obesity is disease that results from complex interplay between a number of genetic influences & environmental factors and is not simply due to a lack of self-control in over-eating. Scientific studies have demonstrated that obesity may lead to serious medical problems e.g., diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, ischaemic heart disease, angina & heart attacks, sleep apnea (spells of arrest of breathing during sleep), and osteoarthritis, and even some type of cancers. And even more important is to know that even if you lose about 7-10% of body weight your health improves by 90%.

The strategy

The weight loss program at our centre is physician-monitored and involves team approach to obesity management. The goal is to improve health through sustained weight loss, based on reasonable and realistic long-term goals and also to reduce the risk of future complications.

The goals

To ensure success of any program, one needs to target realistic goals which are achievable and sustainable. And we know from the scientific studies that even if you lose about 7-10% of body weight your health improves by 90%.

The design

The program is designed with the overweight patient being the focus of care and the weight loss team working synergistically to provide medically supervised weight loss therapy customized to patient needs, and at the same time training the patient for sustaining the weight loss on long term basis.

The focus

To have a successful weight loss it is important to have a program which not only focuses on immediate weight loss but also has an inbuilt focus on prevention of weight gain, which is absolutely necessary for any successful weight loss program. And this is possible only through induction of long term changes in individual behavior relating to eating habits, food choices, exercise habits etc. This aspect of obesity management is well taken care in the weight management program at our centre.

The team

To implement successful weight management program we have a team of obesity expert, nutritionists and counselors who help you in understanding your problem, work out informed solutions customized to your individual needs, and partner with you in your weight management to achieve a healthy weight and overall healthy body.

The compliance

In order to ensure compliance and achieve high rates of success we have devised health check packages customized to the needs of obese & overweight patients which not only help you achieving the health goals but also provides economy on long term basis.